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2008 NLA Day on the Hill

2009 Prom Pledge Parade

2008 Prom Pledge Parade

National Limousine Association VLA is a member of the National Limousine Association (NLA).

Paul Walsh
Superior Executive Transportation Services

1st Vice-President
Barry Shapiro
Carey VIP Chauffeured Services

2nd Vice-President
Henry Potter
Affinity Limousine

Randy Allen
James Limousine

Pam Tripp
Tripp's Travel

James Glover
Glover's Limousine

Member Resources
Become a VLA Member! 2010 VLA Applications are now available!

The VLA is looking for a few good owners to become professional members of the VLA The Virginia Limousine Association is looking for a few good owner/operators to join the most prestigious limousine industry business association in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Joining the Virginia Limousine Association will entitle you to benefits like access to suppliers and access to Web site classifieds, learning from the pooled knowledge base of colleagues across the Commonwealth as well as seminars at periodic VLA meetings discussing the latest industry news and trends, updates on law and enforcement issues as well as information about best business practices from across the industry. Your membership will also make you an active partner in promoting and growing both your own business as well as the corporate and leisure limousine industry all across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

As a member of the VLA, you will also accrue benefit from the VLA's membership in the National Limousine Association. Not only will you gain insight from the pooled resources of your colleagues in the Commonwealth of Virginia, but you will also gain access to the pooled resources of the thousands of members of the National Limousine Association from all across the nation.

Professional membership in the VLA is limited to legal owner/operators located in the State of Virginia. Associate membership is available to any other person or company other than owner/operator associated with the limousine industry, while out-of-state operators licensed in Virginia may enjoy an affiliate membership in the VLA.

For just $100 per annum and an application fee of $25, you can become a professional member of the VLA and start gaining knowledge and insight from some of the best limousine company owner and operators in the Commonwealth of Virginia. All professional membership applications must include:

1. Completed VLA application form
2. A copy of current business license
3. Copy of DMV Motor Carrier Application or Certificate
4. Application Fee of $25.00 (non-refundable)

So, simply download and print out the application form below and send completed application and required paperwork to:

VLA Treasurer:
4911 Turner Road
Richmond, VA 23234

Download Adobe Reader 2010 VLA Application in .pdf format

For application requirements for associate and affiliate membership in the VLA, please see the VLA Bylaws.

To All Members:

On Monday, June 14, 2010, the Virginia Limousine Association will have a regular meeting of the membership at Potomac Point Winery in Stafford, VA. With the ever increasing interest in winery tours within Virginia, hosting our meeting at one of the best wineries in the commonwealth is very appropriate. We have a very informative agenda and hope all members will attend.

The meeting agenda includes:

  • nominations for a new board
  • industry news
  • Special guest speaker, Arthur Messina from Create-A-Card, one of the leading full-service marketing companies specializing in the limousine industry. Arthur will focus on how to reach out to current and new customers during tough economic times.
  • Potomac Point Winery will also talk to us about how to maintain good partnerships with wineries and the do's and dont's of wine tours from a winery perspective.

Mark your calendar and plan on being in Stafford on Monday, June 14th. Food and beverage will be served starting at 6:30 PM and the meeting starts promptly at 7:00 PM.

Paul K. Walsh, President
Virginia Limousine Association

To the VLA,

It is truly an honor and a pleasure to report to you that our Virginia Limousine Association held the Prom Pledge Parade of Limousines in Richmond on Tuesday, March 17, 2009. We also unveiled our new promotion of LOADD, Limousine Owners Against Drunk Driving.

Considering the weather, and the distance that people had to travel we had a great turn out of dedicated members that know the value of presenting their companies as Prom Pledge participants. This is a very important time for our industry, the prom and wedding season can be the difference of making it or not in this tough economic time we face, and having the advantage of the VLA members having the Prom Pledge in the media for the informed consumer to help make a very important decision on the limousine company that they choose is huge.

We are faced with many obstacles in our business. Being an active member in the VLA, being listed on the DMV web site and willingly participating in events that bring positive notice to our cause is extremely important. Imagine the consumer calling you because you took the time to have the Prom Pledge be part of your business? And, remember that this is a benefit of membership in the VLA. Many people will be vying for the same business this year. Do you have an advantage?

Our goal as members of the VLA is to help you get the advantage. We hope that you will see and be helped by the knowledge that we proudly serve you in your quest to better your business with help from the VLA, the individual members that you network with, and the state agencies that gladly put their backing behind our efforts in promoting the VLA Prom Pledge.

A big thanks to ABC represented by Francis J Monahan, DMV represented by John Saunders, Virginia State Police represented by Lt. Kerry L. Stiles, Richmond PD represented by Cpt. Michael J Shamus and the Department of Education represented by Joanne Burkholder.

The Prom Pledge committee headed up by Barry Shapiro and Pam Tripp did a great job in getting everything organized and smoothly done, many thanks to you!

We look forward to seeing everybody at the next VLA meeting of the membership on Monday April 6th in Reston.

Very Respectfully,
Paul Walsh
Virginia Limousine Association

It was a little cool and a little wet, but St. Patrick's Day was a great day for a parade. The 2009 Prom Pledge Parade of Limousines! The Virginia Limousine Association (VLA) sponsored a Prom Pledege Parade of Limousines in downtown Richmond on Tuesday, March 17th as part of the cooperative efforts of the VLA and multiple state and local agencies to promote teen safety during this high school prom and graduation season.

Limousines from companies throughout the state began the parade at Semmes & 7th Street led by an escort of motorcycle Police, cross the Manchester Bridge, make a right turn at Cary Street, and stop directly in front of One James Center. Each limousine company turned in their VLA Prom Promise to not allow the illegal use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco in any of their vehicles during Prom and Graduation season. Member companies also require parents and teens to sign a Prom Pledge before chartering a limousine.

Speakers scheduled to appear on the steps of One James Center in downtown Richmond will include VLA President Paul Walsh, and representatives of:

  • the Virginia DMV,
  • the Virginia ABC Board,
  • the Virginia Department of Education,
  • the Virginia State Police, and
  • the Richmond City Police.

Speakers highlighted their agencies efforts and programs to promote teen safety and prevent alcohol, tobacco, and drug abuse among teens. Paul Walsh, President of the Virginia Limousine Association, used the Prom Pledge Parade to stress to the public the VLA's commitment to and advocacy of zero tolerance for alcohol, tobacco and drug use while using the transportation services of VLA members.


Contact any member of the VLA Board for more information on the 2009 Prom Pledge Parade.

Click here for a copy of the 2009 Prom Pledge.

Mom and dad click here for a list of chauffeur responsibilities.

Or, check out the alcohol FAQ

VLA Members!

Be sure to sign the prom pledge!

Team C (Virginia) Report
NLA Day on the Hill - June 18, 2008
Washington, DC

NLA Day on the Hill kickoff meeting at the Melrose Hotel at 7 am featured a full house of NLA members from across the country. Twelve separate teams of 6 or more per team had a busy schedule of meetings with their House & Senate representatives. The focus of the day was the amendment to the RIDE Act that needs attention.

Team C (or the Virginia Team), included:

Members of the Virginia Team gather at the US Capitol to advocate on behalf of VLA and NLA members Usma Khan
EcoRide Limos

Stacey Glazier
Fleet Transportation

Ronald Guy
Nationwide Limousine

Jonathan Marlow
Nationwide Limousine

Olin Greene
Reston Limousine

Glenn Stafford
Love Limousine

Jack Rolfe
Georgetown Insurance

NLA President Richard Kane energized the group with his remarks and Barry Lefkowitz introduced our new partners with Cornerstone Government Affairs who has been hired by the NLA to assist us with lobbying. Cornerstone graciously allowed us use of their offices and secured a suite in the Cannon building for use between meetings during the day as well as accompanying teams on their meetings.

Our transportation for the day was a top of the line coach donated by LSA Corporate Car and professionally chauffeured by Tony Addison. Our sincere appreciation goes to the LSA team for their contribution to our mission.

Our team in Virginia had GREAT SUCCESS with our meetings with Virginia Congressmen and their aides. We educated them to the RIDE Act issue and they understood and pledged to support our cause. One 15-20 minute meeting with 7 small business operators in the middle of a busy Wednesday on Capitol Hill can make a difference. Multiply that by the 12 teams on the Hill, and then multiply by at least 5 meetings per team.

It’s an impressive number of meetings, BUT … it is still only on the screen for that one day. Maybe they remember us today, Friday, or next Monday, maybe not. The effort was impressive and can be magnified exponentially going forward by NLA members who did not attend the actual meetings.

CALL – FAX – EMAIL the representatives listed below.

The 100 people that went to the Hill made some headway. The thousands that did not can build the effort into a steamroller by taking just a few minutes to follow up with a sample letter to their delegates. The after effects of our meetings are the key with this very important follow up by YOU – to have the reminders coming in for them to support our issue NOW!!

The list of delegates that we visited and a sample letter is below along with contact information. THANK YOU for taking a few minutes of your day to BE INVOLVED in furthering the interests of YOUR business and that of the NLA.

Sample Letter

Honorable Congressman ________

I am writing today to thank you for offering to support the amendment to the RIDE Act as discussed with our fellow National Limousine Association members from Virginia in your meeting with them on June 18 on Capitol Hill. The abusive, inconsistent and excessive fees that some airport authorities have chosen to continue to levy on our small businesses in violation of Federal Law (RIDE Act of 2002) must not be continued and we appreciate your support of the bipartisan amendment to this law being offered by Congresswoman Corrine Brown, Congressman Henry Brown and Senators Lautenberg and Vitter.

The amendment will enable DOT to clarify to the airports what reasonable and consistent fees they may levy if they so choose. I urge you to please add your name as a co-sponsor of this bipartisan legislation. It originally passed in 2002 as stand alone legislation with unanimous consent and its intent protects the interests of our limousine industry and in particular, the small business operators who are particularly hard hit by these excessive fees.

Thank you taking time to meet with our group and thank you for your support of the RIDE Act amendment.

VLA Member

Meetings on Capitol Hill June 18

Congressman Eric Cantor with Senior Legislative Assistant Matt Hodge
District includes – Richmond, Glen Allen & Culpepper
Fax 202-225-0011
e-mail -

The Congressman was in a markup session of the tax committee and met with us in the library off of the main Committee room while it was in session. He was very attentive to our issue and agreed that the RIDE Act is a good law. The full attention he gave us and his quick grasp of the issue is encouraging.

Congresswoman Thelma Drake with Senior Legislative Assistant Jordan Davis
District includes – Virginia Beach & Accomac
Fax – 202-225-4218
e-mail –

The Congresswoman who had previously served in the state legislature on the Transportation Committee with distinction, was extremely interested in our small business issues. She currently is on the Transportation & Infrastructure Committee in Congress. She has agreed to support the RIDE Act amendment and she also asked about how the rising fuel costs were affecting us.

She also specifically URGED us to tell our members to email & write to our representatives to “DEMAND THAT THE GOVERNMENT OPEN UP THE DOMESTIC SUPPLY OF FUEL RESOURCES”

Congressman Frank Wolf – met with Leg. Asst. Cindy Klapmust
District includes – Herndon & Winchester
Fax – 202-225-0437
e-mail –

Aide Cindy was not familiar with RIDE, but agreed to speak to Congressman Wolf. We need to follow up and ask for his full support and/or co-sponsorship of this bill.

Congressman James Moran – met w/ Legislative Director Timothy Aiken
District includes – Alexandria & Reston
Fax – 202-225-4376
e-mail –

Our meeting with Tim was at the end of a long day for all, and although he heard our request and understood the issue, a reminder from the NLA masses to get behind and have Cong. Moran’s support or co-sponsorship of the RIDE amendment will help us over the top.

It was a lot of fun, but also an honor to represent the Industry with other like minded professionals at the annual Day on the Hill. Again, it is imperative that we not be forgotten the next day, and follow up by everyone else in the Industry takes only a few minutes, but keeps the issue in front of them into the future as well as adding numbers and names to our ranks.

Please do it NOW !!

April 23rd, 2008
Operation Prom/Graduation - Celebrate Life Parade
Downtown Richmond, VA

If you haven’t heard yet, the Virginia Limousine Association in conjunction with DMV, ABC, and the Virginia Department of Education had a parade of limousines in downtown Richmond. The VLA would like to extend a thank you to the City of Richmond, the Richmond Police Department and the James Center for hosting this great event.

Pam Tripp put a lot of effort and time into securing a parade permit and inviting and getting Commissioner Smit, Commissioner Vassar, and Ms Cundiff to take time to address the importance of alcohol and drug abuse prevention and thank us for our role in keeping young people safe while they are using our services.

A huge thank you to Pam Tripp and Randy Allen for getting everything in place for the parade and the speeches.

And to those of you that participated with your time, your vehicles and your chauffeurs, congratulations on being a part of something positive for our industry.

Please keep the VLA in mind as you enter this busy season. Join the VLA, meet dedicated operators, network with quality companies and be a part of an association working for you and our industry.

Paul Walsh
Virginia Limousine Association

To all attendees of the April 7th VLA meeting

A quick note of thanks to all of you for your attendance and participation in the VLA at the April 7th meeting

Richard Kane has some powerful enthusiasm and it was great of him to speak at our meeting and give us a preview of his leadership of the NLA. Thank you, Richard, for being our speaker.

A special thanks to Dale Carpenter and Bill Cosgrove of Safetyvan. I think we all got a look at a quality product and look forward to doing business in the future. We also want to thank you for your contribution to the VLA meeting by supplying the drinks for the meeting.

But a special thanks go to you, the members that participate in the VLA by showing up to meetings, sharing ideas, networking and making the VLA what It is, an association of members, not just names on a roster.

We look forward to a great year and I wish each of you many successes.

Paul Walsh
Virginia Limousine Association

The VLA Board congratulates Kristina Bouweiri and Reston Limousine for its recognition by the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors.

Reston Limousine Receives Accolades for its Rapid Growth

DULLES, Va. — Reston Limousine was among 60 Northern Virginia businesses honored at the 2008 Celebration of Northern Virginia Business Success recently hosted by the Fairfax County Economic Development Authority in Tysons Corner. Kristina Bouweiri, Reston Limousine's owner, received the recognition on behalf of her company from Fairfax County Board of Supervisors' Chairman Gerald Connolly. Reston Limousine was one of three Loudoun businesses recognized.

Northern Virginia's three congressional members, Representatives Frank Wolf, James Moran and Tom Davis, all spoke in honor of the businesses, which had earlier been named to the Washington Business Journal's Fastest Growing Companies List, or other major business ranking publications.

Click here to read the full press release from Fairfax County Economic Development Authority.

Congraulations to Reston Limousine!

February 4th, 2008 meeting

To All Members and Prospective Members, Sponsors and prospective Sponsors, and all Associate members, On Monday Feb 4, 2008, the Virginia Limousine Association held a meeting of the membership in Richmond, VA at The Forest Office Park.

February 2008 meeting minutes.

Jannuary 8, 2007 VLA meeting

To all VLA members, prospective members, associate members, prospective associate members, sponsors and prospective sponsors,

On Tuesday Jan. 8, 2008, the Virginia Limousine Association held the 2008 kick-off meeting of the membership.

Click here for minutes of the meeting.

The members present installed the 2008 board members and then held a lively meeting of the membership. Our new Treasurer, Pam Tripp, was able to collect membership dues from at least fifteen companies! Thank you to all who brought your dues up to date.

The meeting agenda included (but was not limited to) the introduction of and welcome to all members present, installation of the new board, secretary's report, treasurer's report, dates set for the meetings for the year, discussion of the NLA Convention and scholarship, short but informative insurance presentation (thank you Jack Rolfe Georgetown Insurance), discussion of the VLA web site, some legislative issues and an opening discussion of the upcoming prom season.

And we almost got done in time!

We were honored to have the past presidents, Dick Zweber, Glenn Stafford and Randy Throckmorton in attendance and we thank each of you for your dedication to the VLA over the years. We will look to you for guidance as the new year unfolds.

The next meeting of the membership will be Feb. 4, 2008. Please keep checking the web site for details.

Finally, a special thanks to the members who volunteered to be on the board: Dan Frasier 1st Vice President, Henry Potter 2nd Vice President, James Glover Sergeant at Arms, Pam Tripp Treasurer, and Randy Allen Secretary.

November 27, 2007 VLA meeting

To all VLA members, prospective members, sponsors and prospective sponsors:

On Tuesday Nov. 27, 2007, the Virginia Limousine Association held a meeting of the membership in Richmond at The Bull & Bear Club. The attendance included members and prospective members from as far away as Southeast Virginia and as close as the Richmond area and represented 15 or so members and prospective members.

Thank you to all who made the effort to get there and participate in a lively forum on quite a few issues.

A motion to suspend the bylaws and to accelerate the nomination process to Jan. 8, 2008 at which time an election or installation of new Officers will be held. Parties seeking a place on the Board should please contact us to discuss the Board openings and responsibilities.

The participating members voted to have a meeting on Tuesday, January 8, 2008 in Fredericksburg, VA, at a location yet to be decided, to install new Board members and set specific calendar dates for VLA meetings for the rest of 2008.

Dues for the year are due Jan. 1, 2008. Please click here for the VLA website for an application and further information at

Also, those present discussed matters that we all thought are and will be of significance to all operators large and small in the near future. The discussions included but were not limited to the following: How will new and current legislation affect our businesses by tax increases, tolls, user fees, or enforcement.

  • How can we, as an association, be aware of and get involved in these legislative actions?
  • How can we, as an association, work with fellow members as a network of like minded operators?
  • How can we, as an association, utilize our web site to its fullest potential?
  • What are the concerns we all face? Do we need help from DMV with issues?
  • How can we help the new operators with their start-up issues and questions?

    On behalf of those present, we encourage you to take some time and think about attending VLA meetings, joining the association and findomg out who else may have the exact concerns you have and work together as an association for the benefit of all.

    We discussed the use of tele-conferencing or web-conferencing if it would help to increase membership. We discussed hiring someone to collect information, get the database revised and current and work on mailings as well as e-mailings.

    I hope that some of this news will get you interested in attending the VLA meeting in January and see what can be done with an involved membership.

    Paul K. Walsh
    VLA 2nd Vice-President
    Superior Executive Transportation

    Opening of new Departure Terminal at RIC

    Effective October 27, 2006 - Effective the morning of October 27, 2006, the upper level roadway leading to the new departure terminal building and airline ticket counters at Richmond International Airport will open. Commercial ground transportation and courtesy vehicle operations will remain as follows:

    Courtesy, Mini-Bus and charter bus customer drop off and pick up operations are restricted to the lower level commercial lane, as they are now.

    Sedan and limousine drop off operations will switch from what was the lower level inner Terminal roadway departure curb to the 2nd level departure curb. The 2nd level departure terminal will be available for use as indicated by roadway signage.

    Read more about the opening of the new departure terminal at RIC ...

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