VLA members cannot provide alcohol for customers.

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For any limousine hired by a parent for minors (under 21), the limousine driver should carry a phone number where the parent can be reached during the time of service.

When the driver picks up the customer, he/she should state to the youth (and the parent, if present) that the company’s policy includes:

  • alcohol will not be supplied to minors (anyone under 21 years of age) while in the vehicle;
  • alcohol will not be allowed by minors while inside the vehicle;
  • alcohol will not be transported for minors; and
  • illegal drugs will not be permitted at any age

If any of these events occur, the minor will be returned home or the police will be called depending on the circumstance.


If a driver discovers that minors in his vehicle are transporting or consuming alcohol

  • Stop the vehicle and confiscate the alcohol.
  • Call the parents.
  • Take the youths home or request a parent come pick them up.
  • If any of the youths are uncooperative, call the police.

If the driver discovers that passengers in his vehicle are in possession of or using drugs:

  • Call the police.

If minors appear to be under the influence of alcohol, when the driver picks them up before or after an event:

  • Call the parents.
  • Take the youths home or request a parent come get the child.
  • If the minor appears to be drunk or on drugs, call the police. They can better assess the situation.
Alcohol poisoning or drug overdose is always a possibility, and the driver is not trained to determine the risk.

In each of the above situations, do not leave the minors until they have been returned home to a parent, a parent arrives to take them home, or the police arrive.

Some drivers may be hesitant to call the police, because they do not want to cause problems for the youth. Drivers need to remember that it is the juvenile’s actions that have caused the problem, not theirs. Facing the consequences of their actions is often the wake-up call a youth needs.

What happens when the police are called?

  • Police will take the youths into custody.
  • They will call the parents.
  • Parents will have to come pick up their child.
  • Depending on the situation, the police may choose to file a juvenile arrest form for drunk in public or possession or use of alcohol or drugs.

First-time offenders in many jurisdictions have the opportunity to participate in a diversionary program for drug/alcohol offenders which, if successfully completed, keeps them from appearing in court and leaves no record, unless they commit a second offense.

Be aware that if a driver knowingly transports minors who are drinking in the vehicle or have possession of alcohol in the vehicle and he or she is stopped by the police for any reason, the driver can be charged with separate counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor for each youth in the vehicle, even for those minors who are not drinking.

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