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The Virginia Limousine Association is a member of the National Limousine Association (NLA)

Paul Walsh
Superior Executive Transportation Services

1st Vice-President
Barry Shapiro
Carey VIP Chauffeured Services

2nd Vice-President
Henry Potter
Affinity Limousine

Randy Allen
James Limousine

Pam Tripp
Tripp's Travel

James Glover
Glover's Limousine

Join the VLA
The VLA is looking for a few good owners to become professional members of the VLA The Virginia Limousine Association is looking for a few good owner/operators to join the most prestigious limousine industry business association in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Joining the Virginia Limousine Association will entitle you to benefits like access to suppliers and access to Web site classifieds, learning from the pooled knowledge base of colleagues across the Commonwealth as well as seminars at periodic VLA meetings discussing the latest industry news and trends, updates on law and enforcement issues as well as information about best business practices from across the industry. Your membership will also make you an active partner in promoting and growing both your own business as well as the corporate and leisure limousine industry all across the Commonwealth of Virginia.

As a member of the VLA, you will also accrue benefit from the VLA's membership in the National Limousine Association. Not only will you gain insight from the pooled resources of your colleagues in the Commonwealth of Virginia, but you will also gain access to the pooled resources of the thousands of members of the National Limousine Association from all across the nation.

Professional membership in the VLA is limited to legal owner/operators located in the State of Virginia. Associate membership is available to any other person or company other than owner/operator associated with the limousine industry, while out-of-state operators licensed in Virginia may enjoy an affiliate membership in the VLA.

For just $100 per annum and an application fee of $25, you can become a professional member of the VLA and start gaining knowledge and insight from some of the best limousine company owner and operators in the Commonwealth of Virginia. All professional membership applications must include:

1. Completed VLA application form
2. A copy of current business license
3. Copy of DMV Motor Carrier Application or Certificate
4. Application Fee of $25.00 (non-refundable)

So, simply download and print out the application form below and send completed application and required paperwork to:

VLA Treasurer:
4911 Turner Road
Richmond, VA 23234

Download Adobe Reader 2011 VLA Application in .pdf format

For application requirements for associate and affiliate membership in the VLA, please see the VLA Bylaws.

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