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January 2008
meeting minutes.
National Limousine Association VLA is a member of the National Limousine Association (NLA).

Paul Walsh
Superior Executive Transportation Services

1st Vice-President
Barry Shapiro
Carey VIP Chauffeured Services

2nd Vice-President
Henry Potter
Affinity Limousine

Randy Allen
James Limousine

Pam Tripp
Tripp's Travel

James Glover
Glover's Limousine

Virginia Limousine Association 2008 Board of Directors New VLA President, Paul Walsh, addresses attendees at the January 2008 VLA meeting.

Virginia Limousine Association
Meeting Minutes
February 4th, 2008
The regular meeting of the Virginia Limousine Association (VLA) was called to order at 7:00 PM on February 4thth, 2008, in Richmond, VA by VLA President Paul Walsh.


  • Henry Potter - Affinity Limousine
  • Betty Callahan - Bay Breeze Limousine Service
  • Stacye Blue - Black Tye Limousine
  • Barry Shapiro - Carey VIP Chauffeured Services
  • Randy Throckmorton - Celebrities International Limousine
  • Don Moore - Chauffeured Sedan Service
  • Dick Zweber - Event Transportation Services
  • Patrick Helvey - Executive Town Car & Limousine
  • Jay Main - Executive Town Car & Limousine
  • James Glovet - Glover's Limousines
  • Rob Amos - Hammerhead Cleaning Frenzy
  • Barry Christopher Personal Touch Sedan
  • Mark Swineford - Premier Limousine Service
  • Thomas (Tom) Smith - Prime Transportation
  • Olin Greene - Reston Limousine
  • Tony Simon - Reston Limousine
  • Bob Hunter - Royal Coach
  • Keith Traylor Royal Limousine Service
  • Paul Walsh - Superior Executive Transportation
  • Brian J. Douglas - V&K Limousine
  • Kev Williard - V&K Limousine
  • Randy Allen - James Limousine
  • Lynn Allen - James Limousine
  • Pam Tripp - Tripps Travel
  • Paul Walsh - Superior Executive Transportation
  • Jack Rolfe - Georgetown Insurance
  • Glenn Stafford - Love Limousine

    A. Approval of Minutes
    The minutes of the previous meeting were unanimously approved.

    B. Treasurer's Report – Pam Tripp
    Checking balance is:

    C. Presidents Report
    Paul Walsh introduced the committees formed by the board: Legislative Committee – tasked with monitoring the VA state legislature during current session for all bills that would impact VLA members. Glenn, Dan, Paul.

    Speakers Committee – tasked with finding topics/speakers for each of the VLA meetings, and locating meeting sites. Randy, Henry.

    Prom Committee – tasked with communicating the VLA Prom Pledge and member support for promotion of prom safety to the High Schools throughout the state. Pam.

    Nomination Committee – will be formed in June to get an early start on the process of selecting the board for 2009.

    DMV Liaison Committee – tasked with improving relationship and communication between VLA and DMV, and finding ways to improve enforcement/compliance with State/DMV regulations by For Hire transportation companies. James.

    Membership Committee – tasked with increasing the membership of the VLA throughout all areas of the state. Randy, Dan, Henry, Pam.

    Paul asked that all members get involved in supporting the committees.

    D. Guest Speaker
    We were very fortunate to have Jeff Greene, President of the National Limousine Association, as our guest speaker. Jeff shared his wealth of knowledge about the NLA past, present, and future. Highlights of his talk included:

    NLA past – 2 yrs ago 1437 members, limited communication, limited coordination with local associations. Current – 2500 members, large increase in NLA funding ($1M in bank), Jeff has personally met with every local association in the country in the past 2 years, PR Firm hired to improve communications. NLA agenda is to shape and influence the future of the industry with newsletter, Web site, on-going lobbying efforts on the hill. Jeff explained in detail the threats to our profits from airport abuse of the RIDE ACT, the gas guzzler tax, overtime wage lawsuits, and independent contractor status with the IRS. In each case, the NLA is actively involved in protecting the industry’s rights.

    Future – Jeff stressed the importance of limousine companies to cooperate with each other and act with integrity and professionalism, to boost the industry overall and the business success of each of us. He indicated the NLA will continue significant efforts to influence legislation and regulations that are unfair to the industry.

    E. Legislative Session Bills of Interest to Limousine Industry
    Glenn Stafford reviewed the current status of bills that could impact our industry, including, HB#39, HB#27, and HB 1170. Among the many bills brought up in the current General Assembly session regarding cell phone and electronic devices usage while operating a vehicle, all have been tabled at this time for further study, and are unlikely to come up for votes this year. Glenn stressed the importance of our industry staying involved in the study and formation of these types of bills to ensure language that provides exemptions for limousine companies.

    Bob Hunter of Royal Coach, involved as the creative voice behind HB 1170, explained to the meeting the reasons behind his support for the bill that would require a new classification (Class D), license requirement for Chauffeurs. Bob believes the license would help in monitoring the driving records and eligibility of Chauffeurs on an on-going basis.

    F. Prom Season
    Status of preparations for prom season was reviewed. Pam Tripp reported that the contacts at the Board of Education are very supportive and have already made plans to distribute the VLA prom pledge company list to all High School principals throughout the state of VA. Motion was made by Randy Throckmorton and seconded by Randy Allen to modify the Prom Pledge language. The motion was passed. Goal was set to have the prom pledge mailed to all current members and returned with signatures by the end of February, with list of company names posted on the VLA web site. Discussion was held surrounding the use of the prom promise program to drive membership in the VLA. The members agreed that only active VLA members would be allowed to participate in the program.

    G. New Business
    Dick Zweber made a recommendation that the VLA make a donation in the name of Phillip “Jack” Patavina, a longtime supporter and member of the VLA. Decision was made to let individual members make donations at this time.

    Meeting was adjourned at 9:00 PM by Paul Walsh. The next general meeting will be April 7th in Fredericksburg.
    Minutes submitted by: Randy Allen, Secretary VLA

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